Arranging a Future Date

There are men who claim they often go home from ladies night events with a willing woman. This is a boast that is often not true, and women are well aware of it. One of the main reasons women go to these events in a group is to ensure nobody go home with a stranger. If they want to meet the person for a date at another time, this is always acceptable. Women are often willing to give out their email address or phone number to a man they have met.

Spending an evening surrounded by women looking their best can be a frustrating experience for some men. The wise man has a fuck buddy on tap for a meeting after the club closes. While fuck buddies are not interested in dating and clubs, they are interested in fulfilling their intimate needs with their special friend. Both buddies get what they want and need, but it does not interfere with their dating goals. It is an arrangement that suits them as they seek a real relationship with a compatible person.

There are few people who can claim they never get frustrated or have intimate needs. Being able to satisfy these needs with no strings attached sex is one way to alleviate the pressure to get into a stable relationship. Collecting phones numbers at the club is much easier for a person that has this type of arrangement, and they tend to be more successful in meeting people for future dates.

For men, going out to a ladies night event at a local club is an investment in future dating. They get to meet a wide variety of women, and they can collect phone numbers. Those with their own private arrangements have the advantage of knowing they need not pressure a woman to leave the club without her friends.