Approaching the Group

Dancing is often a part of ladies night, and it is a good way for the men to meet the women. Those who are less sophisticated in approaching the group can make a big mistake at this point. They may ask a particular woman to dance, and she will reject his offer. They then ask other women in the group. It is rejection city by the time they go around the table, and many men wonder why this occurs.

When a group of women are sitting together, they generally know each other well. Friends will generally not wish to upstage each other, so asking only one woman to dance is a mistake. Coming over to the table and making a general announcement that a man would like to dance and proffering an open offer to any lady is the best way to get at least one of them on the floor.

A man who selects only one woman for a request is forgetting the fact that the group needs to be mollified. Those intelligent enough to offer an open invitation are often much more successful. While they may not be able to dance with the woman of their choice, at least they can have fun dancing with one or two women. They might even find they prefer these women to the one they originally wanted to meet. It is a smart move to work with the dynamics of the group, and women recognize a man who can do just that.

Dancing is a good way to have a few words of conversation. Meeting women is the point of ladies night for men, so they should not be disappointed when they do not have the opportunity to meet the one woman they found most attractive. Being able to meet her friends shows a man is not attracted to looks only, and this alone could provide a better chance for a date after the evening is done.